Business Publications Division

The Indian Express Group is a pioneer in launching niche business and trade publications, exclusively handled by its strategic business unit: Business Publications Division (BPD). Established in 1990, the division manages leading B2B publications and events catering to major industry verticals such as Information Technology, Hospitality, Travel, Pharma and Healthcare.


An institutional award in recognition of the best Security implementation and set-up in the country selected by a leading panel of IT and Security experts and our process auditors. The awards are held under the auspices of the magazine Express Computer and presented at the Express Technology Senate.

An institutional award to recognise a company having the best network uptime record for the year. The awards are conducted by the Express Computer magazine and presented at the Express Technology Senate.

Express Intelligent Enterprise Awards honour enterprises for the brilliant innovative IT initiatives that enterprises have used to secure a clear competitive edge over others. The awards are presented at the ExpressTechnology Senate, conducted by Express Computer magazine.

Express Healthcare Excellence Awards celebrate the spirit of excellence and leadership in India’s private healthcare delivery sector. Held concurrently with Healthcare Senate, the awards seek to recognise the vital contributions of private hospitals and industry leaders to enhance healthcare in India. The awards serve as a platform for organisations to showcase their innovative operational processes, strategies and techniques that have facilitated them to achieve better medical outcomes.

Organised by Express Pharma and OPTEL Group, Express Pharma Export Excellence Awards is one of the key highlights of the Pharma CXO Summit. It endeavours to acknowledge and celebrate the resounding successes of Indian pharma companies, and the vital roles they have played in establishing India as a leading export destination.